Classic Computer Games Or a Bestseller?

What is the difference between classic computer games and best-seller computer games? Classic computer games are a matter of personal choice and taste and are unlikely to be in any list of best selling games.Computer gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry where over two billion video game titles have been sold. Below, we examine the top five best selling video games of all time including a title that sold over 20 million copies. Some of these games may surprise you.1. Pokemon Red Blue and Green. A role-playing game.
2. Super Mario Brothers 3. A platform arcade style game.
3. The Sims. A life simulation game.
4. Nintendogs. A pet simulation game.
5. Pokemon Gold and Silver editions.See what I mean? Are any of these money-spinners classics to you? Not to me as I can only call to mind three video games when asked to name ones that really got under my skin. Remember the very first ´Defender´ arcade game? Where rank upon rank of alien invader marched down the screen towards your defensive position and you had to shoot them down. Bonus points were earned if you could take out the occasional mother ship that flew across the top of the screen at random intervals. I tell you nothing could beat the satisfaction of getting your tag to top spot of the all time greats list of Defender players. Only to have to do it all again time and time because you were way down the ranks next time you returned to the arcade. I wish I had dime for every game I played back then instead of giving all my dimes to games company.My second classic computer game was a little known platform game called ´Dig Dug´. I don’t know what it was about this game that kept my work colleagues and I going back to the keyboard time after time, trying for the next level and top spot. It was a PC based platform type game. In it a stunted crocodile called Dig Dug ate its way through various scenarios, gulping down sacks of gold and avoiding getting crunched by androgynous aliens. In terms of time wasted on pointless activities though this was definitely a classic computer game in my book.Then of course there was the first version of Halo. A testosterone fuelled, highly satisfying war game. And talking of testosterone I’ve just recalled a fourth classic computer game. How could I have forgotten Tomb Raider and the irresistible Lara Croft?So you take my point that what makes a classic computer game is personal, is about the right time and the right place. Has lots to do with competition, good visuals and an addictive I’m not going to let this beat me hook. I’m left wondering who buys all those best sellers?

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