Search Engine Discussion – The Debate About the Future

The last few years we have witnessed the Internet world being ruled by Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. However the debate is clearly on when it comes to the future of these two concepts. There are many who believe that the next five years will go through major changes as far as the SEO concept is concerned.The Schools of ThoughtThe experts are clearly divided on the future of Search Engine Optimizing business. Looking at the way Google has been slowly changing its Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) strongly suggests that they are relying on Google Analytics data, Google Tool bar data and so on. They are focusing on the historical data of a user through click preferences, which is then generating the search results. Google is gradually changing from the existing processes and is moving towards the direction of historical data, social voting and internal data analysis. It is a reflection of things to come; to put it broadly they are moving into the more social voting pattern for the SERP pages. This means that SEO in its existing form does not really have any future. The results will also depend on conversions as well. The algorithms will take into account data generated from the click-conversations of sources such as banner ads, direct mailers and links. This data is then analysed and a change in the algorithm programs takes place. A search engine optimization is going be personalized for the users based on these factors.A more radical school of thought is that SEO will play a limited role in this entire activity. They might be relegated to just marketing the site through article PR work.The Rebuttal The idea that SEO may be coming to an end and that traditional ways of link building will be of no use has been rubbished by many experts. This concept of personalized search based on data from tool bars and history is not really new and has been in circulation for at least two years. And despite all this talk there has not been any significant decline in the current practices of SEO. The meta-tagging, link building and organic listing are still very much alive and kicking!The real question is why will they change this? The concept works pretty well as it is. The only threat Google faces on paper is the alliance of Bing with Yahoo. But that is an entirely a different matter.The Last WordThe majority of experts and analyst feel that the concept SEO will last as long as search engines do. Even a decade from now when people are searching SEO with the new technology will still be very much around. However the buzz words like keyword density might lose its shine and the concept will be evolved into a more a bigger picture. That picture includes conversions and even referral traffic. Therefore the future is quite bright and there is a lot more to be done in this industry.

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